Windy City Coton

Windy City's Frango Mint

Windy City's Frango Mint

In Loving Memory
(2005 - 2020)

Canine DNA Profile

Health Tests
(Canine Health Information Center - CHIC Certification)

Physical Evaluations Genetic Analysis

OFA Patellas
OFA Cardiac Screening
OFA Hips
OFA Elbows
Annual Blood Panel

Von Willebrand's Type I
Neonatal Cerebral Ataxia
Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 2
Degenerative Myelopathy
Primary Hyperoxaluria

Frango Mint is as sweet as her famous namesake. She thoroughly enjoys rolling over for tummy rubs
and melts into the nearest lap. Frango looks forward to playing a favorite game of fetch and retrieve with
her collection of squeak balls. Her petite, feminine structure, soft-as-cotton coat, large dark eyes,
and lovable, easygoing personality captivate everyone she meets.

2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
Xyankeeboo of
Woodland Cottage
Louxor du Domaine de la Rouviere
Irving Jazz
Dusty du Cottage Du Blanc Sceau
Hines des Princes de la Foret Noire
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Eurydice de la Ferme de Bannay
Nikita You'r the One de la Chaumiere du Lac
Toliary's Whites Le King
Idefix de Ranavalona
Hellona de L'Ecume des Mers Tropicales
Isahora de la Chaumiere du Lac
Gin de Champlet
Delphie Blue de la Chaumiere du Lac
Moulin Rouge of
Merry Hearts
Polana Nutella The Crown Jewel
Oudini de L'Oasis des Cotonniers
Joker de L'Oasis des Cotonniers
Luxe de L'Oasis des Cotonniers
Shiarita of Woodland Cottage
Qalamity of Woodland Cottage
Pfatal of Woodland Cottage
Cotonbrie Royal Snowbelle
Rockandroll of Woodland Cottage
Feel Me See Me du Domaine de Luniray
Ninotchka of Cheerful Fellow
Ouelcome de L'Echo des Elingues
Monoi de L'Echo des Elingues
Lola de La Case Creole

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