Windy City Coton

Harley Leonardo of Alika Cotons

In Loving Memory
(2000 - 2016)

Canine DNA Profile

Health Tests
(Canine Health Information Center - CHIC Certification)

Physical Evaluations Genetic Analysis
OFA Patellas
OFA Thyroid
OFA Hips
Annual Blood Panel
Von Willebrand's Type I
Canine Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR2)

Harley is our loyal and obedient boy. He enjoys running and playing with both small and large dogs.
After spending a few minutes with a new visitor, Harley will happily settle on a guest’s lap if invited.
His expressive eyes, dense coat, and gentle nature make him a sweetheart.

2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
Sterling's Marco de Chantilly
Iatus D'Ivandry
Cotoneaster de la Felerie
Vanderling du Domaine de Manakarra
Alika du Domaine de Manakarra
Frimousse de Ranvalona
Elton de L'Archie D'Any White
Bambou Pretty Doll
Chantilly's Dabney D'Aiguevives
Allumettes D'Aiguevives
Voyou D'Aiguevives
Pastelle des Tourtelles de Clessy
Dorothea W. W. of Alika Cotons
Napleon Felix of Oakshade
Claude of Oakshade
Ling Ling of Oakshade
Toni of Oakshade
Mosika of Oakshade
Bobbie of Oakshade
Jacquie of Oakshade
Josephine Pernel of Oakshade
Merle of Oakshade
Eugene of Oakshade
Evette of Oakshade
Favor of Oakshade
Tana of Rasoamihanta
Toni of Oakshade


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